• Raw Material


    "But who cares? You don't see the power and the poetry of not being perfect?" - Peter Lindbergh.
    On September 3rd 2019, Peter Lindbergh, a great master and one of my favorite fashion photographers died at 74. Peter Lindbergh was unrivaled in his ability to get to the raw material, and embraced perceived flaws revealing them as beautifully honest. There is something relatable and tangible about his portraits. The angst, struggle, vulnerability, and acceptance that he delivers in an unapologetic way. He instills a sense of courage and integrity, that can only be seen with the truth. 
  • The Why


    I recently lost a very dear friend who was taken from this world too early. After her passing, I was invited to her home for an intimate gathering of friends and family. In memorandum, her son made a collage of photographs of her life on the wall of her yoga studio. I spent a long time looking at each one, trying to absorb and retain every bit of her essence that they offered. The one that cracked my heart wide open, was a black and white portrait of her doing yoga in the sand. Her love of the practice was evident. It was through yoga, that we met. That photograph speaks volumes and illustrates everything that I loved about her. I look at it often and it keeps her alive in my heart.
    Universally, it is the photographs and mementos of loved ones and special places, that we cherish and are our most beloved keepsakes yet we spend the precious moments in our lives, pursuing and accumulating the non-essential. 
    As I create my work, I'm motivated and inspired by the things that move me: Singularity, benevolence, grace. I possess an unconventional vision, with a keen sense for unscripted moments and true authenticity. To me, they are, the fundamental meaning to life.