A Moment to Remember

Sophie was one of those dogs that was very fortunate, to be rescued by the likes of Ella's family. Sophie had a suitcase full of health conditions: Cheery eye, back issues, some other various internal organ situation, along with high anxiety. 

Nevertheless, her new family embraced her and loved her enormously and unconditionally and as all dog owners know, we receive unprecedented, unconditional love in return. I know this first hand, as I had a fear aggressive high maintenance Lhasa Apso that shortened my life on some days, but lengthened it on others. And though several people told me to "give him away," I would not have traded him for the world.

I think we are purified, by things that are themselves pure. And it's a valuable education - in compassion, tolerance, and empathy.

I feel so lucky to have captured a moment in Ella and Sophie's relationship, that cannot ever be repeated or recaptured, and will be forever cherished. I made this portrait shortly before Sophie passed away unexpectedly. I love and value, making portraits of things we love and value.