May The 4th Be With You

My Star Wars day post a day late as I realize it’s now Cinco de Mayo, but Star Wars is timeless therefore this day cannot go unrecognized.
In 1977, my dad took us all to go see Star Wars on opening night. I had heard nothing about the movie, and wasn’t that interested in a Sci fi flick so I had no expectations to be entertained. However, the minute the golden words “A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…” scrolled up onto the screen and dissipated into the universe, I was transfixed.
During the making of Star Wars, the technology to execute certain scenes did not yet exist. There were many challenges and hurdles to overcome. But through his persistence, strong belief, and conviction to his story, the technology manifested, and George Lucas’s vision came to fruition in one of the greatest movies ever made. Despite the sophisticated advances in technology that have followed, the original episode produced with all its limitations and setbacks, still stands alone.
What makes Star Wars so timeless? Pure intention. Triumph of good over evil, strength in the face of adversity, allegiance to the betterment of the tribe, the community, and to society as a whole. Envisioning a positive outcome with faith, patience, and adherence to a doctrine of values and priorities that serves all of humanity. The enemy can only be overcome with a unified Rebel Alliance. If there is no unity, no collective consciousness, there is little chance of victory.
I present you with my beloved Wookie Apso. And like Chewbacca, loyal. A warrior, and bonafide sissy.