Are you available for commissions? Yes. Commissions begin from $550.

Can you photograph more than one person/dog? Yes. $50 per additional person/pet. More serendipity is required with more variables. Photographing more than one animal is like herding cats. Additional people require the planets to be in line. 

How long is the portrait session? That depends on how many people are in the session, and the nature of your dog. Usually between 1 1/2 - 2 hours for one pet/person with pet but it can vary.

Do you bring treats? I usually do not bring treats but the owner can supply their pet's favorite treats. I like unscripted shots, so treats often cause too much excitement and hamper organic moments. However, they can be helpful at times too.

Do you sell prints? Yes. Prints are inkjet pigment on paper printed on archival fine art paper. I personally print images up to 16x20. Custom prints start from $450 for an 8x10. For Large Format prints, I work with an independent fine art print lab. 

Do you sell packages? No. We do not sell bundles or image packages. We believe in creating the quintessential portrait of the irreplaceable people and pets in our lives, that will be displayed and loved forever.  Coveting few things in life that are unique, singular, and highly valued, is our objective.

How many images do you take? That really varies depending on how energetic, distracted, and focused the subjects are. Usually between 100-150 or more. Images are edited down to roughly 15% of what I shoot. We do not overproduce. You are selecting from the cream of the crop. Studio Kuo in a fine art studio with a distinctly unique and avant-garde point of view.  We edit every session with that end in mind.

Do you give out the digital files? No. As in traditional photography, the photographer is in possession of the negative/digital negative, intellectual property and copyright. Work cannot be reproduced to protect the integrity of the work. A watermarked Low Res File of the selected image is included. Additional watermarked Low Resolution Files for Online sharing can be purchased for $10/file.

Do I have to sign a model release? Yes. All participants need to sign a model release and Terms and Conditions contract prior to the session. Pets are considered property, so an adult will need to sign a release on behalf of the pet, and also for minors.

Do you give refunds? All commissioned portraits are considered custom orders and cannot be refunded.

*All sales in New York state are subject to 8.865% sales tax. For more details on portrait sittings, please contact us at “hello@studiokuo.com."