Giving Grace

Some of my fondest memories growing up took place around the dining room table–a circular mid-century modern tulip which became the embodiment of our family's connection. It was the site of countless rounds of Monopoly and where the clicking of Mah Jhong tiles could be heard well into the midnight hours. And, of course, it's where we ate; Chinese banquets included homemade scallion pancakes and hand split mu shu wraps served to each family member by the Lazy Susan centerpiece. Occasionally, I would glance down at our dog who was forlorn with longing for the savory forbidden cuisine. 

As a child, I never understood why a family member was relegated to eat alone on the kitchen floor. In fact, even as an adult, I often question this cultural norm that separates family members during one of the most intimate acts of connection; the sharing of food.

This group of portraits is born of a fantasy I have of inviting dogs to the dinner table. It's an opportunity to share a vision of the integral place these beloved pets occupy in the family dynamic. And it's an invitation to my audience to ponder the boundaries we establish with our four-legged companions; undoubtedly among the deepest and most unique relationships we create.