I photograph with a Nikon full frame SRL digital camera and 95% of the time, I use a 35mm or 50mm lens. My vision and process, are aligned with my quest for simplicity.
Post Production: Depending on the complexity of the shoot, post production for a portrait sitting takes anywhere from 15-20+ hours.
Metadata: After the portrait session, photos are uploaded and the metadata, copyright and keyword description are entered for each image. This detailed process is essential to cataloging and image search. Process: 1-2+ hours. 

Ranking: Next, the images are culled. Misfires, closed eyes etc., are discarded. Then images are ranked on a 1-3 star system, which is done over the course of a few hours, to a few days, as often times first impressions can change after a second, third and fourth pass during the evaluation process.

Image Selection: After making a selection, a cursory evaluation of the image is taken. Each image undergoes a specific workflow process of adjustments. First the spectrum of the image is brought into range by addressing exposure, removing color cast, and then recovering highlight and shadow details which are all brought into range.
Image Editing: Then the image is brought into photoshop, where global corrections are applied, addressing contrast and tone in the overall image. Focusing on the details of the image dictates which photoshop techniques will be applied. I use traditional darkroom methods of "burning and dodging" to bring out to bring out the details in light and dark areas, which gives more depth and richness to the image.

Retouching: All images must go through a detailed retouching process which involves "spotting" in stages. First environmental dust and specs are removed in the background. Then the image is examined in increments for the removal of stray hairs or fur, and the smoothing out and correcting of skin tone and texture. Depending on the complexity of areas that need to be addressed, this nuanced process can take between 1-3 hours/image.


Finally, a subtle sharpening layer is applied to further clarify the image. Care must be taken to make sure the image doesn’t appear overly sharpened and rendered unnatural.  My objective is to preserve the beauty and essence of the moment, and to not alter what I witnessed and felt at the time I was in the presence of my subject.

Prints are archival pigment on paper, and printed on Baryta Photographique Satine fine art paper.  I custom print up to 16x20. Prints larger than 16x20 are custom printed by an independent boutique lab.